Clubber Rules

  1. Do not run anywhere in the building, or when going from room to room.
  2. An adult, not an older sibling, must pick up clubbers, unless the sibling is driving them home. (Please See “SECURITY” tab)
  3. Clubbers should not leave the activity area that they are in, i.e. clubroom, gym, council time room, unless they have asked a leader for permission.
  4. Remember to raise your hand if you have a question.
  5. No food, gum, or drinks are allowed during AWANA except on special occasions or given by a leader.
  6. Clubbers should walk quietly between activities so as not to disturb other clubs in the building.
  7. Show respect to all leaders in AWANA.
  8. Clubbers should show respect for each other by not hitting, kicking or biting each other.
  9. Clubbers should show respect for church property by not writing on tables and taking care of all materials.
  10. Do not stand on chairs.